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Ropeus Radio Station is a project of Ropeus Media, owned by Eusebiu Pungaru, who dreamed and persevered on his way. Ropeus Media was incorporated on January 2019 and started to develop its online presence, developing Ropeus Pro Image and Ropeus Photography.

In February 2020, Eusebiu contacts Marinela Serban, a freelance web developer and he comes up with his offer to work on Ropeus Media's project. Following the brainstorming sessions, the two decide to develop a business plan that integrates as many digital services as possible.

Marinela registers its own company, Fabwebs, offering web design, web development, graphic design, online marketing services, while Ropeus Media plans to develop radio, photography, videography and advertising services.

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Delamere Road, LondonSW20 8PS, UK